Audio Production – Liam


In the background this month Liam has been working away preparing audio rushes for the CRI Seeds of Recovery edits. As Liam co-recorded the audio statements and directed the Lyrical content of the campaign he was very well placed to do the first line edit on the stories and statements. The rushes were then handed over to Kev to use in the edit. You can see the results here. Impressive!


Creating the audio jobsheet – Adele :)

My next job was to create an audio jobsheet using GoogleDocs, again my first thoughts were s@?t, but once I had a little play it was easier than I thought. Inspired Youth needed a better way to communicate with their audio producer during post production. I created this jobsheet so everyone could see what was going on and edit it at the same time. I received positive feedback, and IY and their audio producer will be using it from now on. Like forever n ever n everrrrrrr!!!