Young People and Social Policy lecture – 14th January – Adele


P1020715vSo.. Me and Lauren went up to the York Uni to present our You Tell Me campaign, and smashed it once again!! πŸ™‚ We got amazing feedback, not only straight after the event but via the Young People and Social Policy blog. It really does boost our confidence up, certainly the comments via the blog!! And we are more than happy to answer questions! We hope that we get our message across about our experiences of being young mums. This campaign does mean alot to us, as we are giving all young mums a voice. It is still hard for us to watch the film, and present it.. Most of the time we still get emotional!! But seeing the impact it makes, shows us that it really is worth it. I’ve said before, but no matter how many times we do these events, each one is different and we are still very nervous about it. But afterwards, especially hearing and seeing positive feedback, we wonder what we were nervous about. Without CJ or Kev, we wouldn’t have been able to do this so we are both grateful!! Hopefully, we will have many more events to smash!! πŸ™‚


End of the Year :) – Adele




This year has been a mad rollercoaster.. And not just with IY πŸ˜‰ In total I have volunteered for 57 hours (I wonder myself how I’ve put up with CJ and Kev!!) I have done many different things, first day I did become a white van man πŸ™‚ I have also taken part in a few conferences, one being the huge No Wrong Door conference!! Reading back at the things I wanted to bring and what I wanted to learn, makes me realise how far I have actually come. I have learnt lots of things to be honest, mainly how to do complicated things on the computer!! I’m really looking forward to 2013.. Hopefully there should be many opportunities for me as a result of me being an IY ambassador.

Visiting the 360 space at York Uni :) – Adele

So today me and the dude’s from IY went on a little road trip up to York Uni to check out the 360 space!! I didn’t really know what to expect and even though Kev and CJ were trying to explain it, I just didn’t get it! So off we went into the Ron Cooke Hub, down the red carpet πŸ˜‰ and into the 360 space. It was alot smaller than I expected and wierder than I thought it would be – the ‘walls’ were soft and when you touched it you could move the whole ‘wall’!! We waited a good 10 minutes before the IY film πŸ™‚ And there it was… It is chuffing clever but it baffled my little brain with how much stuff goes on and having to turn all the time to look at all the walls….. But what an excellent idea the 360 space is!!! So after that we went on another road trip to the Orillo office and One&Other office to meet those dudes for the first time… (Well they’ve seen my face on the young mum film!) We managed to persuade them to use their (huge) office as the venue for the Freerunner film πŸ™‚ Think I’ve had a productive day today (was even baking with my son at 8:30 this morning!) Just a shame my time at IY is coming to an end soon 😦

NSPCC Conference – Adele

[Pic : Debra Radford NSPCC Service Manager, Lauren, Adele, Helen Westerman NSPCC Campaigns Coordinator,Β Chris Cuthbert NSPCC Head of Strategy & Development for Under Ones & Professor Pasco Fearon UCL.]

So today us Young Mums (me and Lauren) went and took part in a workshop at the NSPCC Conference. We weren’t as scared as we have been but we were still pretty nervous – You’d have thought we would have got the hang of it now, we’ve done it that many times!! But never mind.. WE SMASHED IT AGAIN!! After our talk/film showing there was question and answer time in which we only got asked 1 question (glad about it!) which was easy to understand and easy to answer!! There were 2 important fellas from the NSPCC at the front with us and they were answering alot of questions! Afterwards when people were leaving, we were packing up and getting ready to go when a few people came up to us congratulating us with our workshop and a few people mentioned that they had seen us at the No Wrong Doors Conference. Two girls from the audience then come over and asked us a few more questions which me and Lauren were more than happy to answer! Then Chris and Pasco (the important fellas) come over and had a chat with us. Just a shame Kerri wasn’t there but we smashed it Lauren πŸ™‚

Feedback from NWD Conference :) – Adele

On Thursday, I was about to leave to go collect my little man from nursery when there was a knock on the door, CJ let the important looking fella in… He was called Paul Murphy, he is the former City of York Assistant Director of Children’s and Young People’s services, and greeted us all with amazing feedback about the No Wrong Doors conference that us Young Mum’s were part of. Gave me a massive boost and I text Lauren and Kerri later on to tell them about the good feedback and they also were proper buzzing!! Paul also said there wasn’t a dry eye in the house (including us!!). Just goes to show, that all the hard work everyone put in had certainly paid off. We were already proud of ourselves after the conference, but getting feedback like this just boosts us up even more!! πŸ™‚

CRI – Seeds of Recovery booklet :) – Adele

On Thursday, CJ told me that the booklet needed a slight change on the front cover and needed page numbers inserting. Once again, thinking I would be using photoshop that really doesn’t like me, I lost my confidence until CJ reassured me we were using adobe, and it would be really easy ‘cos there was only a slight change. It was p!Β£s easy, so don’t really know what I was panicking about!! So off that went through the magical world of the internet (just email!!), which they were happy with the changes πŸ™‚ I can do this stuff without panicking and thinking I will fail!! πŸ™‚

CRI photo taking :) – Adele

On Thursday, me and CJ took photos of the canvas’ from the CRI project – Seeds of Recovery πŸ™‚ There were 9 different canvas’ to take pictures of.. So off we went outside, in the freezing cold!! I was like a bloody eskimo!! But was all goooood, we used a blanket to get the white background and put them all in the same position so they all got the same outside light. I have used a similar camera before but still scared using them.. Bit expensive for my liking!! But I did it πŸ™‚ We then brought everything back into the office and cropped the photos using photoshop (really not my friend!!) so they were more or less good to go!!

No Wrong Door Conference – Young, a mum and proud <3 – Adele


Tuesday 23rd was the day for our nerve wracking huge conference!! On Monday, myself and Lauren (oh and the kids!) met up at IY with CJ, Kev and another IY ambassador Sami. The afternoon was spent eating, watching the final edit of the film, giving feedback and planning the conference. On the day of the conference we were all scared sh*tless to be quite honest, it was a huge conference with lots of professional people. Deep down we knew that we could do it but was still pretty scary! Continue reading

Creating the audio jobsheet – Adele :)

My next job was to create an audio jobsheet using GoogleDocs, again my first thoughts were s@?t, but once I had a little play it was easier than I thought. Inspired Youth needed a better way to communicate with their audio producer during post production. I created this jobsheet so everyone could see what was going on and edit it at the same time. I received positive feedback, and IY and their audio producer will be using it from now on. Like forever n ever n everrrrrrr!!!

Making the Blog – Adele :)

On Thursday 4th October, I created this blog (with the help of CJ obvs!). This blog is for us ambassadors of Inspired Youth to put down what we’ve done, why and how. We each have our own page within the blog with a little bit about ourselves and why we want to volunteer with IY, and what we want to learn and bring.

I came into IY and CJ told me I would be creating a blog website using wordpress. My first thoughts were s?@t, how do I do this?! But once CJ showed me the ropes, I soon got used to it, and it was pretty easy once you get the hang of it!