Izzie on the Genius project

IzzyI’m Izzie, I’m from London and I just finished my GCSE’s. I took media studies as a subject and I’m planning to take media as an AS Level, so I really liked the idea of being a part of or even just watching a professional short film being made.

I didn’t know what to expect on my first day – I came into the project closer to the end, so I experienced more of the production side of things. The first of the two days was about planning out the film – what the students wanted it to be; whether it be drama based, or more about the statistics. All of the students contributed, and eventually every idea was combined into something doable in the time we had.

As I had come into the project so late on, the first day for me was more about finding my ground and observing the process, until I had an idea of what I could help with. Towards the end of the day I took a small group of students and helped with writing monologues, trying (and failing) to encourage them to perform them to each other. On the second day I helped all around – capturing audio, helping with a scene. I also recorded voiceovers of statistics to be played throughout the video.

All in all, it was a great experience. It gave me a glimpse of what it was like to be a part of a professional video shoot, and it allowed me to explore the creative and technical sides of the media industry. It was a pleasure to be a part of, even if the part was a small one!



York Young Adult Carers Charity Dinner – Sami


After months of hard work, weeks of planning, and too many meetings to count, the event finally arrived.

If I was in a fairytale the line “Cinderella you shall go to the ball” seems appropriate. But I’m not in a fairytale as much as it saddens me to admit, it doesn’t, however, discredit the fact that the night was just as wonderful, with a fantastic atmosphere enjoyed by all who attended.

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JRCF Film Shoot Day 2 – Sami

JRCF1I ask the question again, How do people not know about JRCF?

How is it that a charity which is supporting some of the most vulnerable young people within York isn’t widely known about?

I feel like standing and screaming about it to the people of York, and I would, but I’d probably be arrested for disturbing the peace or something like that. But the point remains, people need to know about JRCF, but that’s the purpose of the film really, getting the word out to those that don’t know about it.

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IY First Impressions-Anne


CRI PlaqueMy name is Anne and I am a third year student at The University of York. I have just started my placement today here at Inspired Youth. The first thing i have picked up is the down to earth attitude from chris and his calming spirit eased me into my first day. I found Kevin down to earth too and is very matter of fact with his opinions. He is a very busy man so much so he has two screens on his desk. I have done research today and have looked at the feature projects on the website. They are all  good and, matter of fact surrounding the issues that are being addressed. One thing that has stuck out to me today is the film i watched on recovery stories. I found it extremely raw and powerful. It captured the true nature of these peoples lives and it was acted out by these very people. By far one of the most interesting afternoons i have had in a long time and very much looking forward to my next day here.