I’m Sami, I’m a 21 year old student, in my final year at the University of Bolton studying BA (Hons) Youth & Community Work.

I first met Inspired Youth 4 years ago, when I was introduced to them on a project which I worked on. As a service user of the York Carers centre I was asked to participate in a campaign project, one first meeting turned into a successful project, known as Young Carers Revolution. It was this process that helped me to develop my professional relationship with IY.

In those 4 years I have continued to have involvement with the projects Inspired Youth have been commissioned for. Anything from leading sessions, discussing ideas to making coffee.

In the last 2 years I was asked to be a member of the Brightsparks; a shadow board of advisors, made up of past project participants. Our role was to help shape the projects IY worked on. Giving new insight, opinions and outlooks in order to keep the work fresh and up to date.

The first project the Brightsparks worked on was project Chance, a project which worked with young people from a variety of backgrounds and creating a series of radio dramas that looked in to the actions of young people and the consequences. Each fictional character was 3dimensional and based on research and development work with young people at the heart of the social issues that the characters were affected by.

My work with Inspired Youth more recently is based on my academic pursuits, having chosen to work with them for my final year placement. I have already learnt so much from Kev and CJ in the time that i have know them and the IY community. However this time round my work with them is reflected and tailored to my 5 specific learning outcomes.

1.) Review and Revise and critically analyse project management and funding applications

2.) Develop critical understanding of IY in relation to organisational policy, staffing, resources and neighbourhood.

3.) To analyse how IY generates evidence of need upon which projects, collaborations and  priorities are developed including multi-agency working.

4.) Reflection of management and leadership issues as they arise, looking at it within an academic and professional context.

5.) To undertake work to enhance and develop aspects of IY’s service delivery from an academic and professional position.

I have always liked working with Inspired Youth, even without my placement I have continued to work with them. Everyday is different, and brings new challenges and obstacles, but with hard work and perseverance comes rewards.