Audio Production – Liam


In the background this month Liam has been working away preparing audio rushes for the CRI Seeds of Recovery edits. As Liam co-recorded the audio statements and directed the Lyrical content of the campaign he was very well placed to do the first line edit on the stories and statements. The rushes were then handed over to Kev to use in the edit. You can see the results here. Impressive!


IY Advisory Board Meeting – Sami

The day started with Aidan and Max (members of Brightsparks) coming to a preliminary meeting with CJ, Kev, Liam and I. Where CJ gave us a a sheet of paper asking us about IY.

The aim was to have us ready for the Advisory Board meeting, prepared with notes and ideas that we each had in reference to Inspired Youth.

The aim was also to prepare us to meet members of Inspired Youth’s advisory board, who were coming down to meet with us.

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IY Artist Summit – Sami

After a long day at the ‘No Wrong Door’ conference, CJ, Kev and I attended the IY Artist summit.

The meeting which took place at the offices, aimed to look at the future of Inspired Youth as well as receiving feedback from the artist that work on the projects with us.

The night was an amazing revelation, bringing ideas and memories to the forefront of everyones minds.

Around the table sat and interesting collection of people, from photographers to a dancer, to a rapper -my fellow ambassador Liam.

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‘No Wrong Door’ Conference – Sami

So today was the ‘No Wrong Door’ conference.

It is my second time attending the conference which had been running for 6 years, however this time I was attending as my status as an Ambassador for Inspired Youth as well as a youth worker.

The last time I attended it was for the launch of Young Carers Revolution, this time it was the launch of Inspired Youth’s latest project: Young, a Mum and Proud. The response to the film was very positive, and although the event was emotional for the girls, it was fantastic for service providers to see how teenage pregnancy is just a statistic, and how those who have children young shouldn’t be seen as a deficit.

The day also saw the launch of the children and young people’s plan, which I think will be really beneficial for young people across York. The plan was informed and shaped by young people and the services that help support them.

The conference was also a brilliant time to get the word of chance out. Aidan, Liam and myself manned the stall to help promote Chance. The attendees were very interested in the project, and were particularly interested in the direction it was heading and ultimately what we were hoping to achieve.