Carer’s Strategy Meeting – Sami



On Wednesday 17th April I was invited to attend the Carers Strategy meeting at the new City of York Council offices, which was interesting to look around.

The purpose of the meeting was to see how the Carers Strategy could influence the Health and Wellbeing board, in terms of having more influence over carers services. The issues faced by carers cuts right across the key themes of the Health and Wellbeing board, showing that support for carers is a necessary part of the board.

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York Young Adult Carers Charity Dinner – Sami


After months of hard work, weeks of planning, and too many meetings to count, the event finally arrived.

If I was in a fairytale the line “Cinderella you shall go to the ball” seems appropriate. But I’m not in a fairytale as much as it saddens me to admit, it doesn’t, however, discredit the fact that the night was just as wonderful, with a fantastic atmosphere enjoyed by all who attended.

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Charity Ball with the YAC – Sami


As part of my placement with Inspired Youth I have to work on a project with young people. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect as the Young Adult Carers service part of the York Carers Centre, were looking at the possibility of hosting an awareness day.

This idea has now changed into a Charity ball and auction, with me as the organiser. The event is being driven by the Young Adult Carers, with whom I met on Friday to discuss the ideas I had had, as well as any they had.

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Generating Ideas – Sami

Today I spent the day in HQ a.k.a the Inspired Youth offices. After having my debriefing of office politics or the brew rota, it was down to business.

My first point of call was talking to CJ about the initial ideas I have about a formal charity ball and auction that I am organising as part of my placement. The ball is a fundraiser and awareness night for the York Adult Carers service in York.

After explaining the initial ideas to CJ he helped me to understand my point of direction and identify areas of focus, as well as discussing options to make the event stand out and to be special .

Whilst I was away from the office CJ found several links that were of interest to me, one in particular being the use of Pinterest in Business Marketing.

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