Yo Yo Yo, I’m Adele and I’ve just started volunteering for Inspired Youth. I will be working a few afternoons a week while my son, Sam is at nursery. I recently finished a project, with another 2 girls, regarding young mums; You Tell Me project 🙂


What I want to bring to Inspired Youth:

  • Bringing an experience from a previous project I have done with Inspired Youth; giving it back!!
  • Showing all the young people that I understand whats it’s like starting a new project and supporting them in all ways possible.
  • Determination, confidence, willingness and commitment.

What I want to learn:

  • I can use basic skills on a computer, but if the time comes, I want to learn more complex things.
  • How to build up my confidence in public and in professional situations.
  • Learn how to introduce my role within Inspired Youth.
  • Learn how to help prep with projects.
  • Learn how to prep to go into workshops, so I am positive and confident about doing it.