Carer’s Strategy Meeting – Sami



On Wednesday 17th April I was invited to attend the Carers Strategy meeting at the new City of York Council offices, which was interesting to look around.

The purpose of the meeting was to see how the Carers Strategy could influence the Health and Wellbeing board, in terms of having more influence over carers services. The issues faced by carers cuts right across the key themes of the Health and Wellbeing board, showing that support for carers is a necessary part of the board.

At the meeting I presented a presentation, which included aspects of my university dissertation, which was entitled “Do the responsibilities of young carers affect their transitions into adulthood?”

The presentation mentioned the current levels of support as offered by the York young carers service, which revealed that there are 4 members of staff supporting 188 young carers and young adult carers. Whilst also looking at the future projects of Young Carers Revolution, including the MP’s event in June.

After the presentation, the members of the strategy present asked me questions in regards to what I had found during writing my dissertation.

The presentation was a success, and led to me being ask to do the presentation at the Health and Wellbeing meeting in July.



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