JRCF Film Shoot Day 2 – Sami

JRCF1I ask the question again, How do people not know about JRCF?

How is it that a charity which is supporting some of the most vulnerable young people within York isn’t widely known about?

I feel like standing and screaming about it to the people of York, and I would, but I’d probably be arrested for disturbing the peace or something like that. But the point remains, people need to know about JRCF, but that’s the purpose of the film really, getting the word out to those that don’t know about it.

JRCF has more to offer than even I thought possible, there is no doubting the fantastic work they do with the young people. Their approach to alternative education is very positive and has some really positive results, as seen in their success cases. What I didn’t know was that the charity’s facilities are available to the public, and the money raised by the boxing classes, or the use of the gym, is invested back into the charity, and thus the community.

Imagine that: being able to get fit and support a charity, Do I hear 2 birds with 1 stone anywhere?

The second day of filming as usual produced its fair share of laughs, with filming taking place inside the raised boxing ring. But most importantly the day produced amazing interviews, listening to what these people have to say leaves me so inspired. I can’t wait to see what bits will make it into the film


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