JRCF Film Shoot Day 1 – Sami

JRCF2 I am incredibly lucky working with Inspired Youth, Kev and CJ work and meet some of the most amazing people, and with those people come heartfelt and inspiring stories.

We all have a story to tell, some of us just have more to tell, Some of the stories could have more twist and turns than even the bestselling author could ever dream about let alone write about, but these stories, these people we meet, they’re real.

These stories they tell are their life experiences, and granted some aren’t overly positive, but these people when you listen to what they have to say are absolutely amazing.

I had never heard about the Jack Raine Community Foundation up until the project with them was revealed, and after going there and meeting the staff, and those the charity helps, I felt awful. How is it that something so amazing and beneficial to the Young people in York is barely known about?

I learn so much from the word ‘go’ on this project. But what I took away from filming day one, is that there are some serious success cases. One of which was revealed in the very first session. How is it that the boy everyone dismissed and expected to fail has succeeded and been promoted in his chosen career at least twice in the last 6 months?

You wouldn’t have thought it were possible if the stories from the JRCF staff indicated anything, well that was in the beginning.

Its amazing what results you get from any young person, when you work to their ability, know how to engage them and ultimately work with them, and this is what JRCF do, through boxing.

Like I said earlier, the experiences and stories coming from this are amazing and I can’t wait to hear more. When someone is comfortable enough to tell you these things it really does make me humble, I know how hard it is to reveal a little bit of yourself, and being able to listen and talk to these people makes me feel incredibly lucky.


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