Young Carers Revolution – Sami

Friday 2nd November signified the meeting of YCR (Young Carers Revolution)

A group of 11 Young Carers age 8 – 21 sat around the table to discuss the next steps of the award winning campaign.

Young Carers Revolution, which is separate from the York Carers Service looks to improve the lived of existing carers as well as identifying ‘hidden’ carers.

The group after a quick recap of the last meeting, spent the day being creative, and after a quick round of blind portrait, which is always good for a few laughs, it was down to work.

The activity was around the following five outcomes of the newly released children’s and young people’s plan, which Young Carers Revolution was consulted on in the writing of it.

– Helping all York children enjoy a happy life;

– Supporting those who need extra help at the earliest opportunity;

– Promoting good mental health;

– Reaching Further: links to a strong economy;

– Planning well in a changing world.

The aim was to get the group to look at the 5 specific priorities as outlined in the plan and get creative, by drawing and writing a collage of words and pictures associated with the outcomes.

The meeting was also a fantastic was way to ask the group about the possibility of some of the members coming to talk at the charity ball I am organizing, as a member of YCR I felt it would be good to have a few members attend to continue the message of the campaign.

I was blown away when 6 of the members volunteered, before I had even finished my sentence!

Over all the meeting was a success.



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