Innovation Day @ York CVS – Sami

On Monday 23rd July, Brightspark Aidan and I were invited to attend an Innovations Day at the York Voluntary Service.

After a meet and greet over coffee, the day started with an opening speech about the progression of services within the public, private and third sectors.

It was introduced that the way forward was innovative thinking, thinking of new ways in which to provide services, considering factors such as budget and spending cuts as well as factoring in the increasing demand on the workforce.

The day was split into two parts where those who attended could choose between four workshops to attend; one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The workshops available to attend were:


– Fair access to care services

– Children and Young People’s services


– Volunteering and School Sharing

– Neighbourhood Care Teams

Aidan and I attended the workshop focused on working with young people and the services they use. As young people it was interesting to see first hand how serviceĀ providers thought about shaping the charities and organisations they worked for.

As the workshop continued we were able to contribute to the discussions from not only the point of view of a young people, but also as professionals. The group in which Aidan and I were placed became involved in a lively debate that while had relevance to the topic, deviated away from the workshop session aims. However I believe more was learnt in this debate as it created a chance for cross sector services to communicate openly.

The day as a whole was interesting and worthwhile attending, as it allowed for different service providers to discuss their services and the issues facing them in today economic climate. By expressing these concerns it allowed others to help work through and consider possible solutions and outcomes and more importantly it gave the chance for people to generate ideas to help services move forward.